Our Gang Images

(The Little Rascals Images)

1922 Our Gang

Our Gang in 1922: “Fire Fighters” photograph with Jackie Condon, Peggy Cartwright, Richard Billings, Betsy Ann Hisle, Kenneth Johnson, George Warde, Elmo Billings, and Ernie Morrison.

1925 Our Gang

Our Gang in 1925: On the top row are Mickey Daniels, Johnny Downs, and Jackie Condon. On the middle row are Joe Cobb, Mary Kornman, and Jay R. Smith. On the bottom row is Allen Hoskins.

1928 Our Gang

Our Gang in 1928: Joe Cobb, Allen Hoskins, Harry Spear, Jean Darling, Mary Ann Jackson, Bobby Hutchins, and Pal the Wonder Dog.

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1930 Our Gang

Our Gang in 1930: “School’s Out” photograph with Matthew Beard, Dorothy DeBorba, Bobby Hutchins, Jackie Cooper, Lucenay’s Peter, Norman Chaney, Allen Hoskins, Mary Ann Jackson, and Donald Haines.

1931 Our Gang

Our Gang in 1931: “Love Business” photograph with Jackie Cooper, June Marlowe, Shirley Jean Rickert, Norman Chaney, and Dorothy DeBorba.

1931 Hal Roach Studios

Hal Roach Studios in 1931: In the front are Norman Chaney, Mary Ann Jackson, Dorothy DeBorba, Matthew Beard, Lucenay’s Peter, Bobby Hutchins, Shirley Jean Rickert, and Allen Hoskins. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are also in the photograph.

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1933 Our Gang

Our Gang in 1933: “The Kid From Borneo” with Matthew Beard, Dickie Moore, Dorothy DeBorba, George McFarland, Dickie Jackson, Tommy Bond, Henry Hanna, and Bobby Hutchins.

1934 Our Gang

Our Gang in 1934: “Hi’-Neighbor!” close-up with “Pete”, Matthew Beard, Marvin Strin, Tommy Bupp, Scotty Beckett, Donald Proffitt, Charles Donnelly, Tommy Bond, Wally Albright, and George McFarland racing Jackie Lynn Taylor and Jerry Tucker.

1937 Our Gang

Our Gang in 1937: “Night ’N’ Gales” close-up with Eugene Lee, Billie Thomas, George McFarland, Carl Switzer, and Darla Hood.

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1944 Our Gang

Our Gang in 1944: “Tale Of A Dog” photograph with Billie Thomas, Cordell Hickman, “Smallpox”/“Spotty”, Bobby Blake, Janet Burston, and Billy Laughlin in the last of the Our Gang comedies.